Super-AGB Yields

SAGB yields for various assumptions concerning the efficiencies of convection and third-dredge-up.

The 5 tables are also available at CDS

Table2Standard yields (no 3rd dredge-up, λ=0)
Table3High 3rd dredge-up efficiency yields (λ=0.8)
Table4Low 3rd dredge-up efficiency yields (λ=0.3)
Table5High envelope temperature yields (1.1*Tenv)
Table6Low envelope temperature yields (0.9*Tenv)
Grids of evolutionary models (2010)
Reference to be mentioned:
Siess L. 2010, A&A, 512, A10 PDF
Carolyn Doherty's yieldsYields available for Z=0.02, 0.008, 0.004, 0.001, 0.0001 for various mass loss rates and opacity treatments

Super-AGB Models up to the end of Carbon Burning

Explanation of file variables

Table 1Z = 0.00001, Y = 0.2479
Table 2Z = 0.0001, Y = 0.2480
Table 3Z = 0.001, Y = 0.2492
Table 4Z = 0.004, Y = 0.2533
Table 5Z = 0.008, Y = 0.2587
Table 6Z = 0.020, Y = 0.2748
Table 7Z = 0.040, Y = 0.3017d
Table 8Z = 0.0001, Y = 0.2480 + overshooting
Table 9Z = 0.020, Y = 0.2748 + overshooting
Table00Complete grid of models (SAGB_all_grids.tgz)
Grids of evolutionary models (2007)

Online article tables

Table 1models properties prior to C-burning
Table 2models properties during C-burning
Table 3surface abundances at the end of 1DUP
Table 4surface abundances at the end of 2DUP

Initial composition (mass fraction of each element)

Z=0.0001 Z=0.001 Z=0.004
Z=0.008 Z=0.02 Z=0.04
Reference to be mentioned:
Siess L. 2007, A&A, 476, 893-909 PDF


Pre-Main Sequence and Main Sequence Stars

Grids of evolutionary models (2000)

Explanations of File variables

Reference to be mentioned:
Siess L., Dufour E., Forestini M. 2000, A&A, 358, 593 PDF


The Sun

An old solar model (2001)

Explanations and File Content