Information for our guests

Opening hours of the NO building

The NO building is open from 7am to 7pm (weekdays) and 7am to 2pm (Saturdays).

How to get out when the main door (sliding glass door) is closed?

Use your magnetic card, or make arrangements with someone who has one (magnetic cards are scarce because it is no longer possible to get new ones, since the access system will -soon?- change).

If you did not manage to get a card, you can use the "parlophone" located on the left side of the sliding door as you exit. Push the button and ask the person who replies to open the door for you.

If this does not work, it is always possible to leave the building by taking the stairs or the freight elevator down to level 1, then following the sign "Tunnel technique Bat. T". Shortly before the end of the tunnel and to the left, there is a "Sortie apres 22h" sign (barely visible!) right by the exit door. You will exit at the campus heating plant.

Before leaving...

The last person leaving IAA should make sure that:

  • In the mail/photocopier room:
    • The photocopier and the Oki printer are switched off.
    • The lights are switched off.
    • The door to the library is closed.
    • The corridor door is locked.
  • In the computer room:
    • The air-conditioning is switched on: You may switch it on using the remote control located on your left as you enter the room (please wait a few seconds to make sure that you see the flaps opening!)
    • The Lexmark printer is switched off.
    • The astro-kitchen window and door are closed.
    • The corridor door is locked.

Nancy's office hours

  • Monday: morning + afternoon
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: morning

How to use the IAA library

  • Use the IAA library database
  • Registrer the books you borrow via Nancy