Brussels Automated Code for Characterizing High accUracy Spectra

The BACCHUS code (T. Masseron, T. Merle & K. Hawkins 2016ascl.soft05004M), originally developed at ULB, is intended to automatically perform 1D LTE stellar spectroscopy for one to thousands late-type stars. Three modes are possible:

  • simple elemental abundance analysis (bacchus.abund module)
  • precise equivalent width measurements (bacchus.eqw module)
  • determination of stellar parameters (bacchus.param module)

The BACCHUS code is based on:

 It is the responsability of the user to get the proper rights for the use of
 the SuperMongo plotting software.

Current release: 72bis (20200609)

Release 72bis includes the proper scripts for interpolating model atmospheres

/!\ Warning:

  • for compilation of interpol_modeles.f with gfortran, use the option -std=legacy
  • the ls command should not be redefined (e.g. with an alias) using the -F option (for example in the ~/.tcshrc)

Older releases

20200603: Release 72 (the unzipped and untarred directory is about 28 Go!)

20171209: Release 63