Dr Chamel Nicolas


email: nchamel AT ulb.ac.be
phone number: +00 32 2 650 35 72

Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Université Libre de Bruxelles
CP 226
Boulevard du Triomphe
B-1050 Brussels (Belgium)

Campus de la Plaine, Building NO,  4th floor, office 2.N4.202

Laureate of the Pol and Christiane Swings Prize in Astrophysics from the Royal Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts of Belgium, 2013.
Laureate of the Adolphe Wetrems Prize in Physics and Mathematics from the Royal Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts of Belgium, 2011.

Selected for Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2008-2009. See Marquis Who's Who web site at www.marquiswhoswho.com

Current position

Research Associate F.R.S.-FNRS and lecturer at Université Libre de Bruxelles, member of the Alumni College of the Royal Academy of Belgium, member of the International Astronomical Union.

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Scientific publications

List of scientific publications

Mini Review: On the Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars, International Journal of Modern Physics E 22, 1330018 (2013).
Living Review in Relativity about the Physics of Neutron Star crusts

Selected scientific presentations

Talk on "A historical perspective on the discovery of neutron stars" given at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Orsay, France, 28 June 2010. pdf

Lecture "General introduction to neutron stars" given at the 7th Russbach Workshop on nuclear astrophysics, Austria, 14-19 March 2010.pdf

Talk on "Generalized equations of state for superfluid neutron stars" given at the Workshop on Neutron stars - The crust and beyond, Stockholm (Sweden), NORDITA, 15-24 September 2009.pdf
video (streaming)

Talk on "Superfluid models of neutron stars" given at the workshop on the Complex Physics of Compact Stars in Ladek Zdroj (Poland), ESF Research Networking Program, 24-29 February 2008. pdf

Talk on "Neutron star crusts beyond the Wigner-Seitz approximation" given at the International Symposium on Exotic States of Nuclear Matter in Catania (Italy), 11-15 June 2007. pdf

Lecture about "Neutron star crust matter" given at the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics in Dubna (Russia) for the
Helmholtz International Summer School "Nuclear theory and Astrophysical Applications", 26 July-4 August 2004.


Physics course PHYS-F-201: Physics of Continuous Matter (Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Elasticity, Wave Propagation)
Public lecture in Astrophysics

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