Recent papers ...

  • Detailed homogeneous abundance studies of 14 Galactic s-process enriched post-AGB stars: In search of lead
    De Smedt K., Van Winckel H., Kamath D., Siess L., Goriely S., Karakas A.I., Manick R. 2016, A&A, in press arXiv
  • The formation of cataclysmic variables: the influence of nova eruptions
    G. Nelemans, L. Siess, S. Repetto, S. Toonen, E.S. Phinney, 2016, ApJ, in press arXiv
  • HE 0017+0055 : A probable pulsating CEMP-rs star and long-period binary
    A. Jorissen, T. Hansen, S. Van Eck, J. Andersen, B. Nordstroem, L. Siess, G. Torres, T. Masseron, H. Van Winckel, A&A, in press arXiv
  • The temperature and chronology of heavy-element synthesis in low-mass stars
    Neyskens P., Van Eck S., Jorissen A., Goriely S., Siess L., Plez B., Nature, 2015, 517, 174
  • On the Numerical Treatment and Dependence of Thermohaline Mixing in Red Giants
    Lattanzio J.C., Siess L., Church R., Angelou G., Stancliffe R., Doherty C., Stephen T., Campbell S., MNRAS, 2015, 446, 2673 arXiv
  • Super and massive AGB stars - IV. Final fates - Initial to final mass relation
    Doherty C.L., Gil-Pons P., Siess L., Lattanzio J.C., Lau H.H.B. 2015, MNRAS, 446, 2599 arXiv
  • Binary evolution using the theory of osculating orbits: conservative Algol evolution
    Davis P., Siess L., Deschamps R., A&A, 2014, 570, A24 arXiV
  • Hot Jupiters and Cool Stars
    Villaver E., Livio M., Mustill A.J., Siess L., ApJ, 2014, 794, 3 arXiv
  • IP Eri: A surprising long-period binary system hosting a He white dwarf
    Merle T., Jorissen A, Masseron T., Van Eck S., Siess L., Van Winckel H., A&A, 2014, 567, 30 arXiV
  • Formation of the Long-Period Eccentric Binary IP Eri
    Davis P.J., Siess L., Jorissen A., ASP Conf. Series, 2015, 497, 221 PDF
  • Super and massive AGB stars - III. Nucleosynthesis and yields - Z = 0.001 and 0.0001
    Doherty C.L., Gil-Pons P., Lau H.H.B., Lattanzio J.C., Siess L., Campbell S.W. 2014, MNRAS, 441, 582 arXiv
  • The formation of long-period eccentric binaries with a helium white dwarf
    Siess L., Davis P., Jorissen A., A&A, 2014, 565, 57 PDF
  • The lead discrepancy in intrinsically s-process enriched post-AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds.
    De Smedt K., Van Winckel H., Karakas A. I., Siess L., Goriely S., Wood P. R. 2014, A&A, 563, 5 arXiv
  • Pulsating red giant stars in eccentric binary systems discovered from Kepler space-based photometry
    Beck P.G., Hambleton K., Vos J., + 31 authors, A&A, 2014, 564, 36 arXiv
  • Super and massive AGB stars - II. Nucleosynthesis and yields - Z = 0.02, 0.008 and 0.004
    Doherty C.L., Gil-Pons P., Lau H.H.B., Lattanzio J.C., Siess L., 2014, MNRAS, 437, 195 arXiv


  • "Accurate abundance determinations in S stars"
    Neyskens P., Van Eck S., Plez B., Goriely S., Siess L., Jorissen A. 2011, Journal of Physics, Conference Series, Volume 328, Issue 1, pp. 012014 PDF

SAGB models and web interface available

  • A large set of 100 SAGB stellar models covering the mass range 5-13 Mo and calculated for 7 different metallicities between Z=10-5 and twice solar is available online. Core overshooting was taken into account in two subsets for Z=10-4 and Z=0.02. All the models can be retrieved HERE.
  • A graphical interface allows the user to make plots of the evolution of various structural variables. This tool is available HERE.