Recent papers ...

  • S stars and s-process in the Gaia era. I. Stellar parameters and chemical abundances in a sub-sample of S stars with new MARCS model atmospheres
    Shetye S., Van Eck S., Jorissen A., Van Winckel H., Siess L., Goriely S., Escorza A., Karinkuzhi D., Plez B. 2018, A&A, 620, 148 arXiv
  • Primordial to extremely metal-poor AGB and Super-AGB stars: White dwarf or supernova progenitors?
    Gil-Pons P., Doherty C.L., GutiƩrrez Jordi L., Siess L., Campbell S.W., Lau H.B., Lattanzio J.C. 2018, PASA, 35, 38 PDF
  • When binaries keep track of recent nucleosynthesis. The Zr-Nb pair in extrinsic stars as an s-process diagnostic
    Karinkuzhi D., Van Eck S., Jorissen A., Goriely S., Siess L. et al 2018, A&A, 618, 32 arXiv
  • An analysis of the TZ Fornacis binary system
    Higl J., Siess L., Weiss A., Ritter H. 2018, A&A, 617, 36 PDF
  • Case A and B evolution towards electron capture supernova
    Siess L., Lebreuilly U., 2018, A&A, 614, 99 PDF
  • Sensitivity of the s-process nucleosynthesis in AGB stars to the overshoot model
    Goriely S., Siess L. 2018, A&A, 609, 29 PDF
  • Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and mass distribution of barium stars
    Escorza A., Boffin H.M.J., Jorissen A., Van Eck S., Siess L., Van Winckel H., Karinkuzhi D., Shetye S., Pourbaix D. 2017, A&A, 608, 100 PDF
  • Super-AGB Stars and their Role as Electron Capture Supernova Progenitors
    Doherty C.L., Gil-Pons P., Siess L., Lattanzio J.C. 2017, PASA, 34, 56 arXiv
  • Detailed homogeneous abundance studies of 14 Galactic s-process enriched post-AGB stars: In search of lead
    De Smedt K., Van Winckel H., Kamath D., Siess L., Goriely S., Karakas A.I., Manick R. 2016, A&A, 587, 6 arXiv
  • The formation of cataclysmic variables: the influence of nova eruptions
    G. Nelemans, L. Siess, S. Repetto, S. Toonen, E.S. Phinney, 2016, ApJ, 817, 69 arXiv
  • HE 0017+0055 : A probable pulsating CEMP-rs star and long-period binary
    A. Jorissen, T. Hansen, S. Van Eck, J. Andersen, B. Nordstroem, L. Siess, G. Torres, T. Masseron, H. Van Winckel 2016, A&A, 586, 159 arXiv
  • The temperature and chronology of heavy-element synthesis in low-mass stars
    Neyskens P., Van Eck S., Jorissen A., Goriely S., Siess L., Plez B., Nature, 2015, 517, 174


  • "The binary channels to electron capture supernovae", Rome 2017
    Siess L., Lebreuilly U. 2017, Mem SAI 88, Volume 328, 294 PDF
  • "The formation of long-period eccentric binaries with a helium white dwarf companion"
    Conference in honor of Jean_Paul Zahn's great scientific achievements, Paris 2017
    Siess L., EPS Science, PDF

SAGB models and web interface available

  • A large set of 100 SAGB stellar models covering the mass range 5-13 Mo and calculated for 7 different metallicities between Z=10-5 and twice solar is available online. Core overshooting was taken into account in two subsets for Z=10-4 and Z=0.02. All the models can be retrieved HERE.
  • A graphical interface allows the user to make plots of the evolution of various structural variables. This tool is available HERE.