Yields from AGB stars experiencing a PIE

When using these data, please refer to :

The intermediate neutron capture process.
III. The i-process in AGB stars of different masses and metallicities without overshoot
Choplin A., Siess L., Goriely S., 2022, A&A, 667, 155


The intermediate neutron capture process.
V. The i-process in AGB stars with overshoot
Choplin A., Siess L., Goriely S., 2024, A&A, 684, 206

Available files

elemental yieldswithout overshootingwith overshooting
initial elemental abundanceswithout overshootingwith overshooting
isotopic yieldswithout overshootingwith overshooting
initial isotopic abundanceswithout overshootingwith overshooting

Header description

Each column corresponds to a stellar model whose properties are described in the header (first 12 lines).

The header contains the following information :

  • ini. mass : initial stellar mass in M_sun
  • [Fe/H] : initial composition in terms of [Fe/H]
  • metallicity : initial metallicity Z in mass fraction
  • ini.compo. : specifies whether the initial composition is solar or alpha-enhanced
  • f_top : when present, specifies the amount of overshooting at the top of the thermal pulse
  • npulse : the number of thermal pulses during the AGB phase (pulse declared if Tpulse>200MK)
  • PIE? : flag to indicate whether the model experiences a PIE or not
  • final mass : the final stellar mass of the model in M_sun
  • ej. mass : the total mass ejected in M_sun

The name of the model is written in the 11th line and is the same as in the paper.

Description of yields_el.dat

This file contains the yields for each element. The yields are expressed in mass fraction. They correspond to the mass (in M_sun) of each element ejected by the stellar winds, divided by the total mass ejected by the model (given in the header).

The denominator is equal to the total mass ejected, which is given in the header.

Description of yields_el_ini.dat

Same file as yields_el.dat but here the initial elemental mass fractions are reported.

Description of yields_iso.dat

Same file as yields_el.dat but here the yields in mass fractions are reported for all isotopes.

NOTE : the yield of the isotopes ca40, zn70, ge76, se82, te130, xe136, nd150 and pt192 are not reported for the models without PIE (M1.0z2.0, M2.0z3.0a, M2.0z2.0, M3.0z3.0, M3.0z2.5 and M3.0z2.0). In these models, we used a reduced s-process network of 411 isotopes where these isotopes are not included. These elements are not synthesized by the s-process at low neutron densities and their initial abundance is low except for ca40, whose abundance in the reduced network was added to ca42.

Description of yields_iso.dat

Same file as yields_iso.dat but here the initial isotopic mass fractions are reported.