Master PHYS-F-414 : Stellar Astrophysics

  • where : building NO, campus de la plaine,
    Institut d'Astronomie and Astrophysique
    4th floor, room : N4.117

  • when : Wednerday 14-18 during the 2rd quadrimester

  • who : Lionel Siess

  • what :
    • The first part of this course deals with the structure and evolution of single stars. The lecture starts with a brief review of the constitutive stellar physics (PHYS-F-438) that is required for the study of simple polytropic models. Star formation and the evolution of low and intermediate mass stars up to the ejection of the envelope and the formation of a white dwarf will then be analysed in detail (Hayashi line, main sequence, RGB, He-flash, AGB phase, ...). Special attention will be paid to analytical developments (homologous models, polytropes, applications of the Virial theorem, ..) and to the nucleosynthesis and mixing processes (overshooting, rotational instabilities, ..). The evolution of massive stars during the successive nuclear burning phases will be presented and will lead us to the supernovae explosions.
    • The second part of this lecture will focus on binary systems, on the modes of mass and angular momentum transfer that control the evolution of the orbital elements (tidal effect, gravitational radiation, Roche lobe overflow, wind accretion, ...).

The lecture notes can be found HERE and the list of suggested papers for the exam THERE