Stellar evolution - Pre Main Sequence Stars - super AGB stars - AGB stars - Nucleosynthesis - Stellar Hydrodynamics - Binary stars - Mixing processes - Accretion - Rotation

My research activities cover the fields of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis and include :

  • Binary star evolution
  • Super AGB stars
  • PMS (pre main sequence) stars :
    • Impact of accretion
    • evolution of their rotational velocity
  • RGB and AGB (Red and Asymptotic Giant Branch) stars :
    • effect of transport processes (rotation, diffusion, thermohaline mixing) on the surface chemical composition
    • Swallowing of a planet by a giant star (effect on the structure and observational signatures)
    • AGB nucleosynthesis and production of the s-process elements
  • Primordial stars :
    • evolution and nucleosynthesis of low, intermediate and massive stars up to carbon ignition
  • Stellar hydrodynamics :
    • Helium flash mixing

A brief presentation of my research projects can be found HERE

But this research relies on the good functioning of STAREVOL and BINSTAR, our single and binary stellar evolution codes