This program allows you to convert colors and magnitudes into different bands. To convert the effective temperatures resulting from our models to colors, you can use either the conversion table presented in Kenyon and Hartmann (1995, AJSS 101, 117) or the one compiled by Siess et al. (1997, A&A 324, 556). Note that in the latter case, only the B,V,R and I magnitudes are available. For other colors, we use the table from Hartmann. The colors are expressed in the Cousins system.
Reference to be mentioned:
Siess L., Dufour E., Forestini M. 2000, A&A, 358, 593 PDF

Input data

Distance Modulus

Conversion Table

Siess et al. (1997) Kenyon and Hartmann (1995)

Please note

  • if you want information in the K, J, H or L band you MUST use the Kenyon and Hartmann (1995) compilation.
  • the Siess et al. (1997) conversion table only provides the B, V, R and I magnitudes.